The property abounds with a large variety of wildlife, especially the bird life.  Each morning the environment comes alive with their colour and song and taking keen interest in your movements.

Guests enjoy visits to their cottage from parrots, rosellas, lorikeets, possums and more as these engaging creatures investigate to see if seeds have been left for them in the bird feeder.  A complimentary jar of rainforest bird seed mix is provided in all the cottages to help guests get better acquainted with the wildlife.

Many Red-necked wallabies call our place home and guests can view them from the comfort of their private verandah as these peacefully graze around the cottages.

Other kinds of local fauna that guests may encounter are koalas, goannas, tawny frogmouths, ducks, black cockatoos, feather-tail gliders and much more.

Browse into our NEWS page and visit our Wildlife events about our involvement with WILVOS (Wildlife Volunteers).

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