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Feather Tail Glider 3 - Maleny Country Cottages
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When your home is surrounded by the Australian bush, you experience many things; challenges and pleasures, and nothing is more rewarding than rescuing one of our natives.

This Feather-tail Glider ventured into one of our cottages and got his tiny claws caught on a mat.  We don’t know how long he was there but, when Claude freed him from his bondage, he was too weak to run away.  We coaxed him to drink some water from the tip of my finger and it wasn’t long before his almost transparent minuscule tongue lapped up many droplets of water.  We then placed him in a safe spot under the cottage to recover and coming back to check on him a few hours later, he was no longer there and we’d like to think that he gratefully returned home to his family.

Feather-tail Gliders are the smallest gliding marsupials in the world, having a unique quill-like tail that is hairless except for a fringe of long stiff hairs down either side that resembles a feather.  Their body and tail length can be up to 80mm each and weighing 10-15 grams. They spend up to 87% of their time in trees at heights greater than 15m so they are the rarest seen of all the glider species and, despite its size, the Feather-tail Glider is capable of gliding up to 25m.   They have the ability to run up vertical panes of glass and have great skill moving around trunks and branches of smooth bark gum trees.




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