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It’s always exciting when a young family welcomes it’s first born and that has been the case at Maleny Country Cottages.  Two of our fledglings, Baby & Hoot, that we rescued in October, 2013, became an item from the very beginning during their months in care.  When old enough to leave our ‘nest’, they decided to stick around on the property near my work sheds and to my pleasure, I was able to keep a watchful eye on them.

This winter of 2015, they went missing.  Did a python outsmart them?  Did they move on?  Then, one morning, Claude was working around Bottlebrush Cottage and, high up in a gum tree was the smallest of nests with a male Tawny Frogmouth and it’s three little ones.  It was not just any Tawny Frogmouth, it was Baby who, two years before was almost put to sleep due to a neurological disorder.  He was put on a high protein diet and recovered extremely well after many months of diligent care.

Baby & Hoot are now a beautiful family of five and even though they were reared by humans, they have not lost any of their natural instinct to care for their own.  They are very loyal and devoted parents and their fledglings are growing up healthy and secure.

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