Self-contained cottages in Maleny

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Looking for self-contained cottages in Maleny? Maleny Country Cottages is a 60acre forested property that provides self-contained cottage accommodation in Maleny. OUR COTTAGES Our one or two bedroom cottages are air conditioned with fire place, double corner spa bath and a fully equipped kitchen.  A verandah with BBQ facilities and outdoor furniture. Guests can enjoy

Jacaranda flowers are a treat for our wallabies

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Jacaranda Flowers at Maleny Country Cottages Jacaranda trees are an amazing sight during the months of October and November.  And Jacaranda flowers at Maleny Country Cottages are a treat for our resident wallabies. These Red-Necked Wallabies munch on the sweet flowers that fall to the ground all day long.  As a result, there are not

The Art of Camouflage

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There are many creatures in nature who are masters of camouflage and one of these is the Tawny Frogmouth.  They are nocturnal birds so during the day they are seen perched on tree branches, usually down low, camouflaged as part of the tree. These photos show our hand-reared, resident Tawny Frogmouths, Baby and Hoot with

Tawny Frogmouth’s Second Year

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Our two hand-reared Tawny Frogmouths, Baby and Hoot, have become parents again and, as last year, have had a brood of three.  This time, perched high in a large gum tree which has made observing them, a little harder as well as trying to take photos of them with my iPad. The male Tawny Frogmouth,

Koala Sighting

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We are always excited to sight koalas on our property at Maleny Country Cottages. This one in particular was spotted high up in a gum tree when he decided to go and find himself another tree. Whether his acrobat antics were from sleepiness or just for fun we couldn’t tell but his activity kept us

Refurbishments for Bottlebrush Cottage

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In June, 2016 Bottlebrush Cottage received its long-awaited bathroom renovation and internal painting.  This family cottage is very popular with our guests and its been a challenge to plan and execute these improvements in between bookings. New linen and winter quilt covers have replaced the old and a new colour scheme brings warmth and softness to

A Pygmy Acrobat

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                    When your home is surrounded by the Australian bush, you experience many things; challenges and pleasures, and nothing is more rewarding than rescuing one of our natives. This Feather-tail Glider ventured into one of our cottages and got his tiny claws caught on a mat.

My ‘Home Away From Home’

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I have enjoyed another wonderful four days in my ‘home away from home’.  Love everything – can’t wait to get back.  I shall miss the tawny babies in the tree outside and the demanding mother magpies feeding their young.  It certainly is a beautiful part of the world.  See you soon. Judy Payne, Flinders View,

Tawny Frogmouths’ First Family

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It’s always exciting when a young family welcomes it’s first born and that has been the case at Maleny Country Cottages.  Two of our fledglings, Baby & Hoot, that we rescued in October, 2013, became an item from the very beginning during their months in care.  When old enough to leave our ‘nest’, they decided

My favourite place

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We had a wonderful time again in Bottlebrush Cottage with the kids. Your property is, without a doubt, my favourite place in the whole world and I thank you for sharing it with us. The boys enjoyed the wide open space and country experience. I grew up in the country and miss it immensely so